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Microneedling and Plasma

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore it is at the bottom of the list when it comes to distribution of vital nutrients. It is important to physically stimulate the regeneration of the skin.


Microneedling is aimed at stimulating microcirculation and creates small micro-punctures in the skin and is considered to be painless. During the treatment Phibright serums are used and absorbed by the skin. Each serum is bespoke to the individual client as several serums are mixed together according to skin concerns.. These serums contain a special complex Brightenyl, whose ingredient, diglucosyl gallic acid, represents a new generation of skin-activating substances that are activated on the skin through the action of natural bacterial flora. This complex restores a perfect and even skin tone by blocking the process of melanogenesis at several levels, thus controlling skin darkening and reducing hyperpigmentation. The skin is very pink/red after the treatment but calms down within 24 hours. It is important to create a good erythema so that you know you are in the right layer of skin. By creating mild skin trauma in the deeper layers of the skin, it awakens and encourages new cellular growth. Special aftercare serum is given after treatment to use at home for 5 days following the procedure.

Treatment results include: skin hydration, increased skin tone and smoothness causing existing wrinkles to be less visible and skin looking younger . Results become visible 24 hours later after the procedure and will last for a few months. The procedure can be repeated up to three times minimum of 2 weeks apart, to get the best results.

Microneedling by Mandy Charlish Microneedling by Mandy Charlish Microneedling by Mandy Charlish


Phi-Ion pen is a minimal invasive cosmetic tool for precisely orientated sublimation of the superficial skin layer. It is based on transmission of controlled quantity of energy by ionisation of the atmospheric air.

This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres to create a lifting, rejuvenating and remodelling effect. This method can be used to tighten the specific areas without causing any damage to the underlying or adjacent tissues.

Phi-Ion treatment is used for baggy eyelid correction, lower eyelids, wrinkles, crows feet, marionette lines and nasal labial lines., as well as neck tightening and belly skin reduction It can also be used for acne scars improvement, and it can remove skin blemishes such as skin tags. This revolutionary method is capable of achieving results comparable to the results of the cosmetic surgery.

One treatment is usually enough to achieve desired results. After one month on check up we can determine if additional treatment is needed (needs to be 3 months between treatments) results expected to last 9 months or longer depending on natural ageing, environmental factors and skin care regime.

Plasma Skin Tightening by Mandy Charlish

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